Financial Proposal Letter


Mr Shepherd,

The financial manager,

IUT shopping complex,



Mr David,

Clothing Dealer

Dear Mr David,

I, Mr Shepherd, the manager of the financial department of the IUT shopping complex, am writing this letter to put forward a financial proposal towards you. The last meeting between the two of us resulted in the contemplation of certain deals between the two firms on an informal basis. Now it is time to make the informal discussions a formal agreement between the two of us.

The deal has been inked for a period of two years between you and the clothing department of the IUT shopping complex. The period of the two years for the deal which has been inked ends in the next month. The details for the further financial proposals are enclosed along with the letter. We expect a quick and favourable response for the letter, since the further contemplation is based on the reply. The management of the IUT shopping complex is eager to work with you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Shepherd

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