Fees Reminder Letter


Mrs Braganza,

Class 5 Teacher,

Wilson High School,



Mr Neville,

C-12, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Broken Boulevard,


Dear Mr Neville,

This letter has been drafted in order to make you aware of the fact that the fees for your child, Ms Rosanna, for first quarter of this academic year has been pending and the deadline to pay the fees for first quarter has also passed. You have been an excellent guardian for your child and have abided by every rule put forward by the school. Hence, we understand that the delay in the payment of the fees for the first quarter has a substantial reason behind it. However, it is our duty to remind you that the payment of the fees is required to be done at the earliest.

The school authorities have always preferred to keep children away from these financial matters for the sake of their betterment and hence Rosanna has not been informed to intimate you in this context. We hope that this letter serves its purpose.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Braganza

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