Fax Cover Letter


Nick Carter

Purchase manager

Oliver Garments Limited

47 York Shire Road

London, United Kingdom 5689

Dated: 7th of May 2012

Subject: Cover letter for fax

Respected Mr. Carter,

This is with regard to your requirement for raw materials in order to manufacture garments for your organization. As per our last conversation you had asked us to send a fax stating the quotation, so this is a cover letter for the fax sent.

We manufacture raw materials used in manufacture garments. We had a conversation with you on 1st of May 2012 and proposed to supply raw materials to your organization. I believe that you will find the quotation within your budget.

We are looking forward to your response. It would be an honor entering into a business relationship with your organization.

Thanking you,

Garry Lawyer

Sales department head

Raw Manufacturers Limited



Fax Cover Letters

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