Farewell Resignation Letter

Mr. Nigel West

Elegant Apartments

Bristol, BS17 1QY

August 1, 2010

James Williams

General Manager

Likeable Company


Dear Mr. Williams,

Please be informed that I will be leaving the company on September 1.  I have resigned from my post since I will be pursuing further studies at the London university in London.

As I bid the company farewell, let me express my gratitude for the invaluable lessons I have learned during my stay.  The challenges and opportunities that came with my post have helped advance my career and have also given me more maturity.  Thank you for the wonderful learning experience.  I hope that the company has also benefited from my tenure there.

I hope to keep in touch with you even as I leave your company.  I can be reached through my current mobile phone number and email address but I will send my new contact details as soon as possible.


Mr. Nigel West

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