Farewell Letter to Work Colleagues

November 1, 2010


Marketing Department

E-Solutions Company


Dear colleagues,

As you all know by now, I will be leaving the company on November 30 and will be moving to England for a new appointment.  I couldn’t leave without bidding you an appropriate farewell.

Although I am excited to start my new work, I also feel a certain sadness in leaving my job, especially since I will be leaving wonderful colleagues.  Thank you all for giving your best in all the projects we have worked in.  Everyone has been very supportive and are always willing to give a helping hand to others.  Together, we have had a fruitful year and have fulfilled our tasks successfully.  Most especially, I want to thank you for being a caring family for me as I am far from my own.

As soon as I get settled, I will forward you my contact details so we may continue to keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Emily Langdon

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