Farewell Letter to a Teacher


Henry Cooper

Physics Department

New York University

56 Tango Charlie Street

New York, New Jersey 4590

Dated: 13th of May 2012

Dear Professor Cooper,

I am writing this letter to bid you farewell as my graduation course is coming to an end and I will have to leave.

My final year results will be declared next week and that would mark the completion of my graduation course as well as end of tenure in this college. Four years passed away very fast. College life was fun and enjoyable because of teachers like you. You have always been my Physics professor since first year and I will be missing your classes. You have always been an inspiration and a great motivator. You have not only taught us about the subject but also about life.

I will be missing you a lot. I want you to bless me for a bright career ahead.

Thanking you,
Brett Lee

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