Farewell Invitation Letter

October 1, 2010

Paul Davis

General Manager

Great Hotel


Dear Paul,

As I bid farewell to you and my other colleagues at the Great Hotel, I would like to invite you to a farewell party that my family has prepared for me on October 25, 7:00 PM at the Bristol Hotel.

I will be so glad if you could come to the special event.  You are one of the friends that have made my work enjoyable and fulfilling.  Your constant support and encouragement have helped me get through rough times.  You have also shared many invaluable lessons that have guided me in achieving excellence in my work.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you.  I will send you my new address and contact number when I am settled but if you need to contact me earlier, you may do so through my email address.

See you on the 25th.

Best wishes,

Peter Thompson

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