Excursion Permission Letter


1-72 Hallows Close,

Guildford ,

Surrey ,



Best Finance Corp.

34, Preston Park Avenue,

Brighton ,

East Sussex ,


It is hereby requested to permit to go on an excursion on [date] to [place]. A team of total no of participants have given approval to join the excursion and it is also expected that many more will be joining the excursion as the travel arrangements are being made.

Since the excursion is for a period of [no.of days] we will be returning on [date] [morning/afternoon/evening/night] we will be able to attend to the [school/office/college] on [date].

Since it has been a very busy schedule all along and there was no relax or entertainment for all the members and there is a collective decision to spend good time during the excursion period. During the excursion period, there is also a program to visit the sight seeing and visit some of the important places that are quite popular for visiting.

Kindly approve the list enclosed which contains the name of all members who request your approval for excursion. You can contact us on # during the excursion period.




Permission Letters

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