Examples of verbal warning letters

A verbal warning is a disciplinary measure which is taken to point out somebody’s mistake, improper behavior and undesired actions in a formal manner. These letters are generally issues by supervisor or managers to their employees to bring in notice the unacceptable behavior.


Mathew Hayden

Senior production Executive

JNC Corporation

Date: 10-0702012

Subject: Verbal warning Letter

Dear Mathew

This document is a formal verbal warning regarding unacceptable performance resulting from your frequent absenteeism. As stated on the page number 12 of our company’s employee handbook – Excessive absenteeism will not be permitted in the organization. Excessive absence can cause disturbs work schedule and can become the cause of low in productivity.

In our business it is quite important that employees should be regular at work. If in case you need leave for an urgent issue, it must be informed in advance. You must get the approval on time from your manager in advance, so that rest of the activities in that particular period when you are absent can be managed effectively. You need significant improvement immediately in this matter. Any further incidents of you failing to follow these attendance guidelines may lead to further strict actions.


Charles Thomas

HR Head, JNC Corporation



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