Event Thank You Letter


Mr. Drake,

Happy Hearts Foundation,

South Glamorgan


Mr Gates

Dear Mr. Gates,

I, Mr. Drake, the person in charge of the awareness event for our organization named Happy Hearts Foundation, am writing this letter to thank you for the support which you gave for the above said event. The event was in a creative mess and we approached for your support on a very short notice. But, we were confident that, being the kind of philanthropist which you are, you will surely do the needful. And what you did was more than the needful.

The event was accomplished on a much grander scale than it was perceived by our creative team for the event, much to the credit of the philanthropist support along with the special timely personal tips given by you. We express heartfelt gratitude for your support and we hope that you continue the good work which you have been famous for doing all these years. Thanking you again and again,

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Drake.

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