Estimate Follow Up Letter


Tom Lee

Purchase manager

Oscar Goods Limited

Office High Buildings

23 Yankee Doodle Street

West London, UK 2390

Dated: 1st of July 2012

Subject: Follow up of the estimate sent

Respected Mr. Lee,

This letter is in regards to the estimate sent by us regarding the price of one ton of iron products manufactured by us. You had said that you would be confirming the purchase of our products within one week after getting the estimate, but we had not received any reply regarding the same and thus we are writing this follow up letter.

We had sent you a proposal in order to purchase products from us as it is required for the interior products manufactured by your organization. After receiving our proposal you had asked us to send an estimate selling price. We have mailed you documents stating the sales price on 20th of June 2012. I can assure that our products are of one of the best qualities in the market. Our price is also very economical.

We would be highly grateful if you get back to us confirming your purchase order as accordingly we will have to make arrangements. I am enclosing the estimate sheet again.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Ripper

Sales Manager

Iron Manufacturers Limited.

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