Engineering Scholarship Letter

Dear Sir/Madam:

I read the post from the memo board outside your office about the Scholarship Program you have for students who wish to study engineering in college.

I know that your Engineering Firm is one of the largest engineering companies in the city and it is surely a great pleasure and honor if I can be considered as one of your scholarship, as it is also my greatest ambition to become an engineer someday but my family does not have enough resources to send me to a reputable engineering school.

I have high hopes that you scholarship can help me become an engineer in the future and be part of the top builders in the country.

I am very much willing to comply with all the requirements and procedures you may have and will be working hard to be able to qualify according to your preferences and criteria.

Please be assured that I am a go-getter and will do everything to reach my goals and I am hoping that you and your scholarship program can help me go forward and push my self to achieve what I have been dreaming of.

Thank you very much. Good day!

Truly yours,

Jason McCormick

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