Engagement Announcement Letter


Isabella Gomes,


Burrow Drive,



Mr Sam,

D-2, Roaring Heights Apartments,

Boxer Street,


Dear brother Sam,

It has been a long time that we have not spoken to each other owing to the various commitments we had. However, this letter I am writing to announce one of the most would-be memorable days in my life. You would be happy to hear that my engagement has been fixed. You are among just the handful lot of people to know this now. I am hoping that you will be coming over to enjoy the engagement ceremony with the entire family. It will be fun to have all members in the family together for an occasion after such a long period. The engagement is scheduled to be on the 8th of December. It is still long time enough for all to array the commitments and make time for it.

I hope that your arm is doing well now and that it is not hurting any more. Hoping to see you soon,

Your loving sister,


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