Employment Referral Letter

April 25, 2010

Ms. Susan Stiles


Good Supplies


Ceredigion, SA49 6ED

Dear Ms. Stiles,

I am a friend and former colleague of Daniel Walker who is currently employed as a sales representative at your company.  Mr. Walker has been working for fifteen years in your company and she has advised me to send my resume to you.  I previously worked with Mr. Walker at the reputed Quality Stores where we both worked as sales representatives in 2001-2002.

I am working as a sales representative in London at present.  However, I will be moving to Ceredigion next year and I would greatly appreciate you if you could give me recommendations regarding my job search.  I hope to be employed in the field of sales or any related work.  I would be most thankful if you could extend me your kind assistance in getting a job despite your busy schedule.

I have attached a copy of my resume.

Thank you.  I am hoping for your kind consideration.


Mrs. Pam Thompson

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