Employment Letters

An employment letter is a written document signed between the employer and the employee which states clearly the terms and conditions of the employment. An employment letter also mentions the duties and responsibilities which are expected from the employee during the course or period of employment. It is generally printed on the letter head of the company.

There can be various employment letters. The following are a few types:

  • Teaching employment letter
  • Nursing employment letter
  • Job employment letter


The following points can be taken care of while writing an employment letter:

  • Use the company’s letterhead and use a business format with formal language to frame these types of letters.
  • Mention the subject clearly and precisely. For example, Subject: Letter of employment for the junior business development manager.
  • The body must consist of the job profile and the effective date of employment.
  • The letter must also consist of all the duties and responsibilities that are expected from the employee. For example: Your responsibilities will include-Quarterly reporting, financial reporting and others.
  • The reasons which can result in termination should be stated clearly to avoid any further confusion
  • The ending of the letter should consist of your contact details for further requirement of information.

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