Employment Announcement Letter


The Human Resource Development Ministry,


Dear people,

It takes me immense pleasure in announcing that there have been 216,132 employment opportunities being created by our ministry for the deserving people of our country by the new agreements between the government and the multinational companies all over the world. After realising the demand from people all over the country to keep matters as transparent as possible, the authorities have come upon a conclusion that the job offers shall be declared in the media on the national platform and hence it is done accordingly.

The details regarding the jobs and the qualifications required to be fulfilled for this job has been jotted categorically on the official website of the Human Resource Development Ministry of our country. I wish that the deserving candidates get their worthy job opportunities this time. There are shall be more such announcements in the near future as the talks for new employment opportunities are in final stages.

Yours obligingly,

The Human Resource Development Ministry, London

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