Employee Reference Letter

Mr. Baron Pierce

Sales Representative

ZZZ Publishing Company

London, N9 8HL

September 9, 2010

Mr. Gerald Gillies

Human Resources Officer

Ingenuity Clothing Store

Dear Mr. Gillies,

A colleague of mine has informed me that you are currently looking for sales representatives since you are opening a new branch in town.  I would like to refer an acquaintance, Mr. John Driscoll, who I believe is well-suited for the job.

I have worked with Mr. Driscoll for five years in my previous employment as a sales representative.  He left the job to seek a master’s degree in marketing which he recently finished.  He is a hard-working and dedicated worker, oftentimes working long hours to fulfill his duties.  He is very professional and has good work ethics that is why he is known among his peers to be a dependable person.  He has never failed to reach his mark and has even contributed to the increase in sales of the company.  Mr. Driscoll has already submitted an application to your office and I hope you would consider this reference in choosing the right man for the job.

Thank you.


Baron Pierce

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