Employee Recommendation Letter


John Smith

General Manager

Larsen and Turbo Limited

12 Regina Road,

York Shire


Dated: 12th of December 2011

Subject: Recommendation for employment in your organization

Dear Sir,

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend my colleague Jack Ripper in your organization for the position of customer service executive.

Like Jack Ripper, I am also an employee of Cognizant Solutions. Jack Ripper has been working in this company since last two years. He has always been a great colleague who would help his team member with any work related issue. He would always come up with innovative solutions to execute the work and was a great team person. He never had any issues with any colleague or any of the managers.

I believe that by joining a reputed company like yours he can scale great heights in his career. I would be highly grateful if you consider my recommendation.

Thanking you,

Noel Ben

Marketing Head

Cognizant Solutions

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