Employee Complaint Letter

March 10, 2010

Christine McDonald

Human Resources Officer

CD Company

Richmond Street

Glasgow, G2 1XQ

Ref:  Delayed Salary

Dear Ms. McDonald,

I am writing this letter to seek a speedy resolution to the delayed release of the salary of administrative staff.  The employees’ salaries are already two weeks late.  This is a breach of the collective negotiating agreement which ensures the payment of salary on time.  It is also affecting the atmosphere in the workplace since the employees are being burdened by the lack of funds for their family’s needs.

I have already aired this concern to your department earlier but there has been no action until now.  Thus, I decided to write an official complaint letter in the hope of receiving a faster response.

I know that the company recognizes the importance of its employees and I hope that our rights will continuously be upheld by the company.

Thank you.


Mark Thompson

President, Employees Union

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