Early Retirement Letter

Prof. Linda Eastwood


Birmingham College

West Midlands, B18 0DS

October 17, 2010

Ms. Emma Jones

Human Resources Officer

Birmingham College

Dear Ms. Jones,

I write this letter to inform you that I will be opting for an early retirement from the university effective December 1, 2010.  Due to personal reasons, I will no longer be able to wait for next year before I retire from my position as a science professor.

I can proudly say that my twenty years in the university were the most fruitful years of my life.  The university has provided great opportunities for me to grow in the profession that I love.  I have been able to share my knowledge as well as learn from my colleagues and students, too.  Not only that, I have also grown to become a better individual in the university.  The institution’s exceptional work ethics have instilled in me resourcefulness and respect for others.  Yes, there were also hard times but these challenges only taught me to surpass my capabilities.

I wish the university all the best.  Should you still need any assistance from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Prof. Linda Eastwood

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