Early Maternity Leave Letter


June Dickens

Chief Nurse In-charge

BVL Hospitals Private Limited

67, Central Town, Westerns London


5th August 2012

Sub – Early maternity leave letter.

Dear Mrs. June

I am writing this letter to apply for early maternity leave. Earlier my leave was approved by your department from 10th September 2012 to 10th January 2013.Now as per the doctor’s advice I would request you to kindly pre pone the maternity leave by one month i.e. from10th August 2012.I am enclosing a doctor’s report to support my case. It would be great if you grant me early maternity leave from 10th August 2012 to 10th  January 2013.The doctors have advised me complete bed rest as I have become weak  and my immunity level has dropped down to a very alarming levels. The doctors said that if I will continue work under such stressful condition then it would adversely affect the health my baby as well as mine.

I strongly believe that you will accept my early maternity leave. I will wait for an approval letter from your department in this regard .Please let me know if I need to submit any other documents for getting the leaves approved.

Yours Sincerely

Rose Hilton

Nurse Supervisor

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