E-Sales Letter


Leonardo Franz

General Manager

A-89, Ground Floor

Great Tower

New York, London


30th January 2012

Subject: Faster and easier shipment of your valuables.

Respected Sir,

As you have enquired from us previously about shipment of your merchandise, we are here to serve you. We at UNICORN Company specialises in shipping the products ranging from a double bed furniture box to a small finger ring.

Since past few months we have excelled in our shipping services and have come up with many new technologies. At your convenience, we offer you to set a date on which you want your products to get picked up as well as delivered. In addition, we take full guarantee of your products being delivered. To serve you better, we are working hard to expand out foreign shipments as well.

Please bring your packages to us. We are available at 123 streets, Park lane. Or you can give us a call on 783783728328 for picking up your material, which is to be delivered.






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