Draft Grievance Letter


Michael Boatman


Kyle steel mills corporation

67, J.K Lane, central London


14th June 2012

Subject:  draft grievance letter

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to express my grievances about the latest draft set out by the planning commission of our company. Recently I received the latest version of the draft regarding the future expansion plans of our company set up by our esteemed planning commission members. Although the draft looks good overall but is has got some serious flaws which needs to be addressed before making it operational. Firstly the planning commission’s view to increase the overall production capacity of the plan without increasing the overall workforce is bizarre as the company is already running with an acute skilled man power shortage. Secondly the plan panel view of increasing the inventory by stocking up the goods manufactured without increasing the size of the warehouse looks too much ambitious.

I would like you take necessary action against the above mentioned loopholes in the draft framed so that the project becomes a huge success. The successfully implementation of the draft will    help us immensely in improving the bottom line of our company.

Yours’ sincerely

Jimmy Gates

Member Board of Directors

Kyle steel mills corporation

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