Donor Solicitation Letter


Mr Shaw,

The event head,

Blue Bird Event, 2010


Responsible City Citizens

Dear citizens,

This letter has been drafted to drag your attention to the Blue Bird event to be held during the last week of this month. The event is for donating anything and everything for those who are the needy ones. We all are aware of the fact that without the kind and the generous help from the responsible citizens of our society, it shall be very difficult even for the authorities to make the needs of the under privileged ones get satiated.

Hence, it is the duty of the responsible citizens of the society to turn up for the event and donate something which shall bring smile on the faces of the under privileged people and shall help them in one way or the other. The event was a great success when it was held in the last year and we hope that you people make this event even bigger and grander.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Shaw

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