Donation Request Letter

January 2, 2010

Ms. Susan Bennett

Rodney Street

Liverpool, L4 5UX

Dear Ms. Bennett,

Warm greetings!

Our organization, the Heart Charity, is a non-profit institution hoping to provide services to needy children.  Established in 1990, we regularly hold activities for the poor such as feeding programs and medical missions.

This March, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary.  In commemoration of this, we will be holding a thanksgiving party at the Little Hands Orphanage.  We will be giving the children at the orphanage new clothes and school needs such as books.  We also hope to help renovate their dining area which is already dilapidated.

We need the support of generous individuals like you for the success of this activity.  We would like to request a donation of any amount from you to make this plan a reality.  Your generosity will surely be appreciated by the children who will benefit from the said activity.

Thank you and may you be blessed in all your endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Julie Thompson

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