Donation Letters

Writing Donation Letters or letters seeking donations probably require the most tact. It is very difficult to predict the effectiveness or the result of writing such a letter. After all to get someone to part with heard earned money even for a good cause is probably the most difficult thing to do. Though there are no set patterns for writing such letters, there are certain tips that would help to make a letter little more effective.

To start with, it is wise to research a little and find the name of the concerned donor or the authority who has power to do so. Then address the letter directly to him as it is much more effective than starting with a general ‘Dear Sir’ etc. Start the letter by explaining about yourself or about the organization you represent. Then speak about the cause or project you want the donation for. State its significance and what difference it makes or would make. State the type of donations that would help the cause and try not to limit it to ‘money’.

Mention clearly how the donations will help and to whom it will benefit. Say that you would be personally calling them soon. Mention your current and alternate contact details in case they want to get in touch. Finally gracefully, thank and conclude the letter.

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