Donation Letter Format


[Name of the recipient]

[Designation of the recipient]

[Name of the organization]

[Office address of the organization]

[Date of writing the letter]

Subject: [mention that you requesting to make donation]

Respected Mr. / Mrs. [write the last name of the recipient with appropriate salutation before it]

First paragraph: In the first paragraph mention the reason for writing the letter. In this you should mention that you want the organization of the recipient to make a donation. Also mention the cause for which the amount is collected through donation.

Second paragraph: In the second paragraph mention in details about the purpose for which you are raising fund. You also have to mention that to whom the fund going to help and how. Also do mention the amount of donation that you are expecting from the recipient.

Third paragraph: Mention that you will be thankful if the donation is made. Any other necessary details can also be mentioned here.

Thanking you

[Name of the sender]

[Designation of the sender]

[Name of the sender’s organization]

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