Donation Letter for Children


Sean Connery

High Rise Apartments

34 U Turn Street

Wales City, United Kingdom 7890

Dated: 23rd of April 2012

Subject: Request for donation for children

Dear Mr. Connery,

We would like to introduce ourselves as a social organization running an orphanage for children between the ages of one to sixteen. We are writing this letter to request you to make a certain contribution in the form of donation to our orphanage.

Our orphanage provides shelter to five hundred children. We take care for education, eating and other expenses of these orphans. A lot of amount is required to meet these expenses annually. We receive donations from various organizations and individuals to meet these expenses.

We would be highly grateful if you can make a donation of a minimum amount of thousand dollars towards this noble cause. This money will be used for the betterment of the underprivileged.

Thanking you,

Tom Hanks

Marketing Head

God’s Orphanage

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