Doctoral Recommendation Letter

September 10, 2011

Dr. Alan Paul Brewer


Faculty of the Arts and Social Sciences

Kingston University

Penrhyn Road

Kingston-upon-Thames KT1 2EE

Dear Dr. Brewer,

I am writing to you to support the application of Ms.

Diana Morlock to attend the London Graduate

School for a Doctor of Philosophy program. I am sought by many students to endorse their higher study

intentions but I reserve such privilege to students who deserve and well suited for the program of their

choice. Ms. Morlock is one of those students and therefore, I highly recommend her to be accepted in

your well respected institution.

Ms. Morlock was my student in my Behavioral Sciences course during the academic year 2010-2011. She

has shown exemplary performance by getting A+ in my class. Her academic excellence is coupled by her

dedication and persistence in all subject requirements.

I am sure Ms. Marlock will continue to exhibit all these enduring characteristics and will shine further

through your grad uate program. Feel free to contact me at my phone 020 -8933-0552 if you require

further information.


Andrew McRobble

Senior Professor

University of Cambridge

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