Divorce Hardship Letter


Marry Gomes

889. Peak residential Complex, Allen Street

Eastern London


Phone no-1246987632


Angelina Kidman

67, Eastern Towers, Edison Street

Western London, UK

Sub- Divorce hardship letter

Dear Angelina

It has been a very long time since we have met each other. Hope you are doing well these days and in good health. I am writing this letter to inform you about the hardship that I am going through after getting divorced a year back. I thought that my days would improve once I walk out of my marriage life. But things have been exactly opposite to my thought as I am passing through a great mental trauma nowadays.

I have to take care of myself as well as my six years old daughter. The court has directed my ex-husband to pay fifty per cent of his entire month’s salary to me as maintenance allowance. But he had stopped going to his company as he feels it is better to be jobless instead of getting half months salary after working hard for the entire month.

As a result I have to work as customer care executive at one of a leading telecom company in order to earn some money for sustenance. It is taking as troll on my body to manage both office as well as home responsibility. I am really willing to meet you so that I can at least feel light by sharing my life with my best friend.

Yours friend

Marry Gomes

16th June 2012

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