Discount Termination Letter

Date: 01/02/2010


Mr Harry,


Reliable Shopping Complex


Mr Ron,

B-3, Jason heights,


Dear Mr Ron,

I, Mr Harry, the manager of the customer service department of the Reliable Shopping Complex, hope that this letter finds you in the pink of your health. This is to inform you that the discount which you were availing for the last four months on the monthly purchase of the goods from our shopping complex has been terminated from this month. The reason behind this might be well known to you according to the terms and the conditions agreed by you while availing to the discount scheme.

I, hereby, remind you that the time period for the discount scheme has expired and hence the scheme stands to be terminated. However, I would like to mention that the Reliable Shopping Complex has come up with many new offers for regular customers like you. And for seeking the best of the advantage, please visit the shopping complex. Thanking you for the anticipated scheme realisation,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Harry.

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