Disciplinary Appeal Letter


Mrs Bagman,


New Model English School,



All the students,

New Model English School,


Dear students,

I, Mrs Bagman, the principal of the New Model English School, am writing this letter as an appeal and a proud announcement to the entire school. It gives me extreme pride and Happiness in declaring that our school has been selected to be the host to the Inter School Championship of the year. It has been a privilege of hosting these elite championships for the school for years on stretch.

Coming onto the appeal, I would appeal to all the people associated with the school in one way or the other, especially the students to maintain disciplined behaviour in front of the guests. Last time, it was disgraceful as some of the students went hysterical after the school won the championship. If it takes some character to win the championship, it takes even more to celebrate it in a dignified way. Students are hereby appeal to maintain the school pride.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Bagman

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