Director Introduction Letter


James Anderson

JBC Steel Mills Limited

45, JL Nathan Road, Western London


5th August 2012

Sub – Director Introduction letter.

Dear Employees

I am writing this letter to introduce the newly appointed chief finance Officer (CFO) Mr. Alistair Cook to all my colleagues. He will be assuming his office on 10th August 2012 at the Administrative building of our company. I would request you to be present at the auditorium hall of our company at 11 am on that day to welcome the CFO to our company. He has over twenty years of working experience as assistant finance officer with the Mac Steel Corporation. He has completed his bachelor’s in business administration from London College of Finance. He has received his masters in business administration from London College of Finance as scholar. Mr. Alistair Cook has excellent knowledge about the economical challenges faced by the global steel industry and various mitigating strategies.

Hope that you will enjoy working under the effective leadership of Mr. Alistair Cook. I will be waiting for all of you to join me on 10th August 2012 in the auditorium for the welcome ceremony of the newly appointed CFO.

Thanking You

Mark Hercules

Director (Recruitment Cell)

JBC Steel Mills Limited

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