Different Types Of Recommendation Letters

Whenever a person is applying for an educational course, hobby course or job at an organization or institute, he/she needs to back his/her application up by attaching a few letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation is a letter which is used to recommend a person for the job or course to which he/she has applied for in an organization or educational institution.

These letters are written by teachers, employers or those people who have known the applicant through a professional relation or association. There are many different types and kinds of recommendation letters. If you wish to know about the different types, then please refer to the following list.

  • Academic letter of recommendation

An academic letter of recommendation is a letter which is written by the applicant’s teacher during the admission process in a college or university. These letters are used to state the qualifications, skills, personality points about the applicant. Any such letter is used by a student to back up his/her application and let the recipient of the letter know about the various reasons due to which he/she is the suitable choice for the course or job.

  • Employment letter of recommendation

An employment letter of recommendation is a letter of recommendation which is written by a previous employer of the applicant who is applying for a particular job post in another company or organization. These letters are used to describe the applicant’s work ethics, work experience, skills and qualifications. Such letters are proof to the fact that the applicant is the right choice for the given job position and would be able to handle the duties which are associated with it.

  • Character letter of recommendation

Character recommendation letter is a kind of a letter of recommendation which is used in the case when a person needs to be selected as a tenant, as a parent to an adoptive child, in legal cases etc. These letters are used to give a character validation of the applicant.

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