Different Types of Business Letters

Letter writing is one of the oldest and the most widely used methods of communication. It helps one to express his/her thoughts and also provide information. In any business organisation or company, business letters play a huge role as an effective communication method. Since technology has changed the way we function, these days’ business letters are sent via Email or other electronic mediums.  Business letters are not only used for sharing information but also provide a kind of a well detailed and recorded documentation. There are many types of business letters and the description of the major ones is given as follows:

  • Letter of recommendation:

A letter of recommendation is used within business organisations or exchanged between individuals and business companies. These formal letters are used to recommend a client, colleague, senior or junior to a business company. These letters are effective in giving the positive attributes of a person who is being recommended for a position.

  • Compliant letter

A complaint letter can be used for a variety of purposes such as business complaint, colleague complaint, product complaint, complaint of senior, complaint of misconduct, complaint of service etc. These letters are quite commonly used and form an important means to report your complaint.

  • Letter of resignation

A letter of resignation is another widely used form of business letter which is used by a person to inform the business about his resignation from work. These letters are mandatory to write for a resigning person in most business organisation. They mark the formal resignation of the employee.

  • Cover letter

Cover letters are those business letters which are written by those aspiring to acquire a particular job position in a business organisation and are used to state the skills the qualifications of the aspirant. To apply for a position, cover letters are compulsory to write.

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