Different Type Resignation Letters

A resignation letter is a kind of a business or formal letter which is written by a person who is resigning from a company or a working organisation on his own free will. These letters are used to give his/her reason for resigning from work and asking for the permission of the employer to resign from the job position he/she was working on. A resignation letter is a formal kind of a letter which is used quite widely. There are many different types of resignation letters which are categorised based upon the position of resigning, reason for resigning etc. The following is a detailed description of the different types of resignation letters:

  • Simple resignation letters-a simple resignation letter is one in which the reason for resigning is put simply and no out of the context point or detail is mentioned. These are formal letters which form one of the most widely used resignation letters.
  • Short notice resignation letters– short notice resignation letters are those types of resignation letters that are used by a person who wishes to resign from work on a short notice. In these cases, the person has to resign due to some urgent reason and doesnt have the time to give notice prior to the resignation date.
  • Professional resignation letters-these types of resignation letters are written in a very professional and strictly formal manner. A professional resignation letter states the reason for resigning, date of resigning, experience at work etc in a precise way.
  • No notice resignation letters– a no notice resignation letter is a kind of a resignation letter which is used in the case when the employee immediately resigns from work without any prior notice or information. These types of letters are used in extremely urgent situations where the sender doesnt get an advanced time to ask for permission of the employer.

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