Descriptive Sales Letter


Mr Jonathan,

Sales manager,

Sports Mall



Dear customers,

This letter is to inform you about all the different changes made in the sales category of your own Sports Mall. There has been a huge demand of a sale monthly card, which the regular customers shall use for a period of one month and then the payment shall be made at the end of the month altogether.

The sales department has heard it to the demand and shall, first of all, like to thank all those who felt free to suggest the positive changes for the Sports Mall. The purchase cards are here and there are many different schemes and offers attached to them. Not only are the cards available for monthly basis but they are even available for the Yearly, Half Yearly and even Quarter Yearly basis. Also there are multiple offers attached to different types of cards which regular customers can avail of. We hope for a favourable response.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Jonathan

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