Delegation Of Authority Letter


Mr Thompson,

D-12, Bridgeton valley lane,



Mr Thomson,

A-15, Sterling apartments,

Waterloo Boulevard,


Dear Mr Thomson,

This is Mr Thompson writing you regarding the plot deal which happened between the two of us. The deal has been successfully culminated and only a few formalities have been left out. This letter has been drafted to accomplish one such formality left to be fulfilled. This letter has another legal letter enclosed with it which serves as the official Delegation of Authority letter handing over all the concerns regarding plot no A7CX N14 in Williamson Boulevard of Houston.

Now, Mr Thomson, the said belongs to you in all respect and I owe no responsibility for the said plot. I am hopeful that this letter fulfils the purpose for which it has been drafted. If any further endeavour is expected from my side in this regard, please intimate me at the earliest. I hope that you will take care of the plot like you have promised, even if I owe no attachment.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Thompson

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