Debt Settlement Letter


Mr Brown,

Bank Manager,

ICUC Bank,



Mr Beard,

C-12, Singing Lane,


Dear Mr Beard,

I, Mr Brown, the bank manager for Hampshire branch of ICUC Bank, am forced by the circumstances to write this letter to intimate you the fact that you require to settle your debt from the bank at the earliest. Deadlines after deadlines have been breached by you and still a major part of the loan taken by you from the bank has remained far from being settled. This letter serves as the final reminder and urge to you in order to look into this matter with extreme urgency. The bank has avoided any sorts of stern action against you. However, the circumstances are getting out of the reach of polite measures taken by the bank.

We urge you to show your concern in this context and reflect it in your actions at the earliest. This shall help both, you and the bank, to avert undesirable consequences in the forthcoming future.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Brown

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