Cute Romantic Letter

September 10, 2011

My Dearest Honeybunch,

It was only yesterday that we were together but be apart from you even for few moments seem eternity

for me. I could not wait to come home for the weekend just to be with you. It is so lonely here in my flat

being alone. Good thing I have your picture with me that I keep beside my bed. I also have our huggable

bear to keep me warm and just as if I am hugging you.

I love you so much my honeybunch. I will not tire in saying how much I love you and how much you

mean to me. You keep my life so meaningful and you are my inspiration to keep on reaching for my


Hey honeybunch, be sure to meet me at the train station on Saturday morning. Don’t forget to bring our

picnic basket because we will go straight to our favorite cottage by the lake to spend the weekend. Oh I

can’t wait to hug and kiss you my love. I’ve been beaten hard by the love bug, but who’s complaining?

Definitely not I because you are my love bug my honeybunch.

Your loving Teddy Bear

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