Cute Friendship Letter


James Christ

97, Highland Park, Central Avenue

London, UK

14th June 2012

Subject: Cute friendship letter

Dear James

I am sending you the mail to inform you that I am enjoying a lot in my new college. I am missing your company badly nowadays. You must be remembering those happy days of our college life when we bunked our classes to catch up with the latest movie running at the cinema hall. I seriously miss those days when we used to play with our juniors and used to flirt with other girls of our college.

I think you must be missing our late night adventure at the cafe of our college and discussing the current affairs and economic scenario of our country. It is definitely hard to get back those glorious days of life when we used to celebrate the birthday parties with full enthusiasm and vigor.

I am looking forward for holding a reunion of our friend circle at a suitable location so that we can rejoice together. I would request you to suggest a suitable place and date to me as soon as possible.

Yours’ lovingly

Paul Adams

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