Cute Christmas Letter



Roll no 46,

Room no 13,

Lake View Hotel,



Mr Geoffrey Riddle,

B- 17, Privet Drive,


Dear grandpa,

This is Suzanna writing this letter. Grandpa, I wish you Merry Christmas. Grandpa, I am writing a letter for the first time and I hope this letter reaches you in time of Christmas. Grandpa, I miss you. I don’t know why Mamma and Dada have been here to celebrate Christmas. I wanted to be at home for Christmas with everyone together. I do not understand what people here talk. Neither I know that Santa would come this far. Last time, we celebrated Christmas by making snowman and I wished to do the same even this year.

I will tell Dada to be at our home for next and every other Christmas. Grandpa, I have brought you a greeting card and one surprise t shirt gift for you. I will show you when we meet. Till then, it will be a surprise. Okay bye, grandpa. I wish you Merry Christmas once again.

Your granddaughter,


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