Customer Service Apology Letter

January 10, 2010

Dear Customer,

We received your complaint letter last February 5, 2009 about the problems you are encountering with our cable service.  We have found out that the problems are caused by a faulty satellite tower in your area.  Thus, we have received several similar complaints from others within the range of the tower.

Please accept our apologies for the unsatisfactory service.  We assure you that the problem is being resolved and we will prevent the same from happening again.  Repairs are already on-going and we have also installed a new system of monitoring and immediately detecting similar problems in the future.  We will be refunding your payment for last month’s cable service as our way of making up for the defective service.

We hope you continue your subscription with us as we are doing our best to constantly improve our services.  Should you have any queries, please contact us at 01444 480480.

Thank you.


Mr. Pat Gillies

Customer Care Service

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