Customer Appreciation Letter


Ms Lawrence,

General Manager,

DYPT Shopping Complex,



Mr Franco,

E-12, Winston Lane,


Dear Mr Franco,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. I, Ms Lawrence, the general manager of DYPT Shopping Complex, am writing this letter to convey my appreciation and gratitude, on behalf of the entire DYPT Shopping Complex, for you being the patron for us for such a long time. Next week, our shopping complex is about to turn a decade old and we are proud to have a customer like you who has entrusted the services provided by us for the entire decade.

The management appreciates your trust and I, on behalf of the management of DYPT Shopping Complex, want to take this opportunity to make you aware that we care earnestly for the faith which you have put in us and shall be doing every possible effort to keep up to your expectation from us. I also wish to express hope for continuation of your trust in us.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Lawrence

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