Customer Apology Letter

October 5, 2010

Mr. Dominic Higgins

Dundee, DD1 4HN

Dear Mr. Higgins,

I found out yesterday that our sales clerk on duty gave you a different product from what you ordered at our Dundee branch.  It has been a week since the mistake, but please allow us to sincerely apologize for the incident.  I was informed about the incident only recently after which I immediately took action.

I have discussed the matter with the sales clerk concerned and he deeply apologizes for the mistake.  As he explained, what happened was not intended and he just mistook the other brand for your order since they were similarly packaged.

As per our policy, we will be replacing the product if you wish.  If you have time, we hope you could visit our store so we could further settle the matter with you.  We hope the incident has not tarnished our good reputation with you.

Thank you.  We hope you would remain a loyal customer.


Mr. Chris Downes

Sales Manager

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