Credit Card Hardship Letter


Mark Taylor

Credit Card Department head

Axis Credit Lending Agency

56 Oscar Green Street

New York, New Jersey 4590

Dated: 2nd of April 2012

Sub: Hardship in paying my credit card dues

Respected Mr. Taylor,

This letter is in regards to the credit card of your organization held by me. This is to bring to your notice that I going through a hardship in repaying my credit card dues.

I have a total outstanding amount of five thousand pounds in my credit card and I have a credit limit of ten thousand pounds. I have been unable to pay my credit card dues last month as I have lost my job due to the downsizing taking place at my organization. I have exhausted all my savings and so there is a default in making credit card payment. Above that due to the default the interest rate and the late payment fee gets added to the amount due.

I would request you to take my hardship into consideration and stop the addition of interest rate and late payment fee. If required I agree to go for a settlement though that will affect my credit rating. I would be highly grateful if you can help me in this regards.

Thanking you,

Glenn Eagle

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