Credit Card Cancellation Letter


Ms Veronica,

Bank manager,

ICUC Bank,



Mr Sirius,

B-18, Western Sears Towers Apartments,

Stryker lane 12,


Dear Mr Sirius,

I, Ms Veronica, manager for the Chicago branch of ICUC bank, am writing this letter to declare the cancellation of the credit card facility which has been rendered to your account bearing the account number IC56UC8D53. The bank has intimated you while the initial rendering of the credit card; that the bank is very peculiar about the rules and three times breaching of the payment deadline by you will make your credit card vulnerable for cancellation procedure.

Now, the three times breach of the payment deadline has occurred on your part and the matter of concern for the ICUC Bank is that these three occurrences of negligence of payment deadline have occurred on a consecutive basis. Hence, besides the cancellation of the credit card facility to the above mentioned account number, no further options were left out in front of the bank. Documents of cancellation have been enclosed along with this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Veronica

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