Credit Card Authorization Letter


Mr Parkinson,

Bank Manager,

ICUC Bank,



Mr Smithsonian,

C-16, Privet Drive,


Dear Mr Smithsonian,

I, Mr Parkinson, bank manager for ICUC Bank for Wisconsin branch, am writing this letter in response to the application for credit card put forward by you dated 15 November 2009. I would like to inform you that your credit card application has been approved by the ICUC Bank. However, there are certain formalities which you will have to fulfil for acquisition of the credit card. The Authorization Form is required to be filled and submit to initiate the procedure for applying for the credit card. Besides this, an assurance letter of abiding all the rules and regulations regarding credit card payments is also obligatory.

The Authorization Form has been enclosed along with this letter with a list of documents to be attached with the form. Please fill the form and submit it at the earliest to avail the credit card facility as early as possible. Thanking you for your trust,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Parkinson

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