Creative Christmas Letter


Mr Logan,

Marketing manager,

The Mall,



Mr Peter,

Big Stationeries Ltd,


Dear Mr Peter,

This is Mr Logan, marketing manager of The Mall, Durban, wishing you, on behalf of the entire management of The Mall a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to follow. This letter has come into effect to intimate you that the marketing concentration percentage for Big Stationeries Ltd in the entire marketing program of The Mall has to be curbed during the festive period of Christmas.

The thing is that during festive times the stationeries do get hit by the extra magnetised concentration of potential consumers on other stuff. Moreover, the holiday time gives no scope of augmenting the sales just by employing marketing techniques. Hence, the marketing efforts have been deployed from the stationeries section for the time being and I assure you that as soon as the time for demand of stationeries steps up again, we will provide the due share of marketing to your stationery products.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Logan

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