Cover Letters

Cover letters are letters which are generally attached to the resume while sending it to the desired employer. Cover letters follow a certain pattern and format and need to be formal when it comes to the overall tone. For job seekers, cover letters are the most important documents after the curriculum vitae and hence need to be drafted with precision and attention to details.

Cover letters are generally just one page documents and contain all the basic information relating to educational qualifications, skills and previous experiences. These letters are sometimes also used as marketing tools for the prospective job seeker. They are used with a lot of business related documents for draft and proposal purposes.

If you are finding trouble while writing a cover letter, then the following points may be of help:

  • Sender’s address and other information should be mentioned at the top of the letter.
  • The subject should briefly state the purpose of the cover letter or the position you are applying to.
  • The body should give convincing enough points related to your aims, objectives and qualifications which make you apt for the position.
  • Towards the end, a thanking you line and a line which expresses the hope from hearing from the recipient soon can be mentioned.

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